Brown Shadow Colored Storage Jar with Bighorn Sheep Ram lid

This piece is based by the Kiva Step design, It includes fans of feathers and the clouds above.

14-1/4" H X 9-1/4" Dia

Red Water Jar with deep carved Kiva Steps, Mountain and Walking Bear Paw Designs.  Etched designs are Feathers with Kiva Steps, light through the Walking Bear Paw and Prayer Sticks on the Mountains.

16" H X 9-5/8" Dia.

Brown Eagle Jar with deep carved Mountain Peaks, Walking Bear Paw and Feather Designs.   Etched Designs include Clouds, Lightning. Stars, Mountain Stream, Kiva Steps, Water and the Moon.

14-3/4" H X 8-5/8" Dia.


Nature Design Bowl

5-3/8" H X 6-1/2" in Dia.


Elk Vase


Ram Lidded Jar

Brown Elk Vase  6-7/8" H X 7-3/8" L X 4-1/4" W

Black Water Jar                     14-1/2" H X 8-1/2

Brown/Red Jar

Teardrop Vase

Brown Large Water Jar

Black Traditional Storage Jar

  "Solitaire"  - Bronze   Bugling Elk

Black Buffalo lidded Jar with Walking Bear Paw Design

 "Unity" - Bronze   Double Buffalo Vase,

Bighorn Jar

Black Avanyu design Plate

Red Eagle lidded Jar with Walking Bear Paw and Kiva Step designs. 

Black Traditional Jar

Black Bowl

Black Eagle Vase

Black Traditional Water Jar

Avanyu Design - Red Jar

Double Buffalo

Double Buffalo

Black Buffalo Jar with Lid

Bear Paw Design Brown Jar