Ryan Roller is among the seventh generation of potters from the Margaret Tafoya Family of Santa Clara Pueblo. The son of Jeff Roller and Grandson of Toni Roller


Black Feather Bowl

Black Feather Bowl

4-1/2" H X 6-1/4" Dia.

Price:  $350.

Large Black Water Jar

Black Water Jar with Rainbow Band, Bear Paws and Walking Bear Paw Designs

22" H X 13-1/4" Diameter



Black Feather Design Water Jar


Price: $2,800.

Plain Black Water Jar

Plain Black Water Jar with Rainbow Band


Price:  $2,500.

Black Water Jar with feather and Walking Bear Paw Designs 

9-1/8" High X 6-7/8"Diameter

Price:  $1,500.


Red/Black Water Jar with Feather and Kiva Step Designs

16-7/8" H X 8-5/8" Dia.

Price:  $3,200.


Black Jar with Walking Bear Paw and Kiva Step (Mountain Peaks) Designs

10-1/8" H X 5-1/2" Dia.

Price:  $1,500. ---  SOLD


Brown/Red Bow with Water Desgn

3-1/4" H X 4-5/8" Dia

Price:  $400.


Brown/Red Vase with Water and Kiva Step Designs

5-1/2" H X 3-5/8" Dia

Price:  $400.


Large Red and black water jar with drop design

APX. 19" H X 8.5" Dia.

Price:  $2800.